Yoga Pants: The Takeover

James Tabor

Over the past few months many things have changed, the weather, hairstyles, but one thing has stayed the same, girls wearing yoga pants.


This trend started some time this year during the winter, and ever since the new style has not let up, with girls everyday wearing and buying the new style or work out pants. Looking to replace sweatpants, yoga pants are on the rise up to the top of the CHS girl “lazy day attire”.


Junior Regan Meyers had this to say about the popular pants, “I think that yoga pants are very convenient to wear to school. Also, I wear them more than sweatpants now.” With this new way to dress faster, more girls have also been wearing glasses, and putting their hair in buns to show the school that they don’t car how they look.


Other than the girls reacting to the new change, many of the guys that attend CHS are noticing the difference in the girls too, like Junior Zach Augustine “ Girls look good in them.” So it seems as if, not matter what the girl is wearing the guy will always notice.


Now with yoga pants as the new biggest thing, many of the students believe that it will continue until we graduate from college but Junior Brett Van Patten thinks differently, “ Yeah, some big thing will come out in either the summer or the fall and then yoga pants will be old fashioned. I think that’s how it works with everything including, cars, technology, and even fashion.”


Now, the yoga pants craze is going past the high school but to the people around us, “My mom just bought a pair, and the other day I saw a few people in my neighborhood that wear running in them,” said Zach Augustine.  As more and more people buy them, it will only be a certain amount of time tell men start wearing them, and then old people!


With the girls and moms of Coppell under this trance, one might ask how much are these pants costing them, and the answer is a pair of these skimpy pants can go for $45 a pop! It seems like a minor cost to look hip at CHS, but prices are on the rise since the demand is increasing.


Finally, it seems like every day now, another CHS girl is wearing this addicting style of both casual and fitness, but this trend will continue. Why I say this is mostly because the guys that are noticing these trends aren’t exactly looking at the price tags and neither are the girls that are making these purchases. For right now though, yoga pants pass dress code, and let’s hope it stays that way.


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