Over-sized hail comes down in buckets as it pummels roof’s and cars

Hail Damage on Coppell

By James Tabor

In the past month as people get their cars and houses repaired the same phrase has been going around “Oh Hail no!”

After the tornado and hailstorm many people have had to spend a lot of money to fix the things that were damaged. Coppell resident John Barden was on of those people, “Unfortunately, my blue Toyota minivan, and my son’s car got caught in the storm, but luckily my car was only hit a few times.”

Although both of John Barden’s cars got hit he didn’t use the insurance money to fix the cars but instead he the money into his pocket and went on his way.

As the hail hit the high school and areas around there, it didn’t spare the St. Joseph’s retirement home. When asked about the storm Dorcas Tabor had this to say, “It first started when we heard the sirens from a while away and out of my window I could see a lot of assistants running from the outside to the inside to get shelter.”

Once the helpers came inside, all of the doors in St. Josephs were open and during the next hour, assistants ran from hallway to hallway checking on the elderly while also attending to their needs.

Finally, the last place the hailstorm affected was New Tech High School, were every car in the students parking lot didn’t leave without dings, broken windshields, and even cars that were completely totaled because of the storm.

Junior Rohit Agarwal who attends New Tech gave me some more information about what happened at New Tech, “I’ll be honest, until the storm ended, I had not one thought about my car, but I was happy that we got a small break from school.”

Then when asked about his car and what happened he took me through the entire process from start to finish, “My mustang got totaled and the insurance guy came out and talked to my dad and then gave him the check for a new car. My car was parked at New Tech, and a lot of my teachers and friend’s cars were totaled as well as mine.”

Now as Coppell recovers from the hail, and the damage that stayed with us, the past few days have been a carnival for car repair shops and roofing companies. During this time, many of the people soliciting these services have been kicked out of neighborhoods throughout the Coppell because of breaking the laws.

So as the insurance companies pay money to fix both John Barden’s and Rohit Agarwal’s car, and even though some people are mad, people like John and Rohit are happy to be treated to a fixed car.


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