The cross made of metal tarnishes under the hypocrisy

The Christ Problem in CHS

James Tabor

Before you as the reader, continue reading this opinion piece, I want you to know two things about me. First, I do believe in Christ and how he died on the cross and rose again, so after reading this don’t call me an atheist because that would not be correct.

Secondly, although I am a Christian, I don’t believe in any of their tactics of recruiting members, spreading the word, and the hypocrisy that comes with all of that. So with that out of the way just hear me out.

In today’s culture more than ever, being Christian and spreading your faith to every breathing soul is the “thing to do” especially in our community of Coppell, Texas. Sports, schools, and even social media’s are flooded with this new craze of spreading your faith, and making sure everyone knows.

When Coppell players and coaches talk about the game they just won, it seems like they always through in the phrase, “He has a plan for us.” In school you see kids judging other people because they don’t believe in God, or either judging one of their peers because they are Jewish or Hindu.

Then, on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you see these same people putting up Bible verses talking about treating people equally and that only God judges the living and the dead.

Most people at the school are Christian but many share my opinion. Junior Steven Fischer is an atheist and said, “I am seen as taboo. A lot of people think I’m stupid o scoff at me because of me.”

Fischer has even approached by teachers sharing their views on Christianity. This crosses the line of law in a public school.

Even thought Christians are taught to not judge people, it seems as if at Coppell High School students that are Christian put themselves higher than the “nonbelievers”. The pretentious way that the “Coppell Christians Crew” takes things too far.

Senior Jacob Gatewood agress.

“Church isn’t a bad thing; its just people take things too far. The people in them usually act pretentious, they don’t say they are, but they just act like it,” said Gatewood, who is a Christian.

Drugs and alcohol abuse are considered wrong in Christianity and especially drug abuse is not allowed for Christians, but it is a common problem with Coppell students – many who are Christian who do this and know they are breaking the rules. I smell a strong scent hypocrisy brewing.

For all the hypocrites that smoke weed, drink alcohol and then judge others who do the same but don’t go to church or don’t believe in God. Don’t be the Christians who break their own oaths, just be a good person who is honest and has a good heart, and I guarantee, you will go somewhere good.


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